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Computer Virus Warning Signs – Think Your Computer is Infected?

Computer Virus Warning Signs – Think Your Computer is Infected?

People often ask, what are the top computer virus warning signs? Sometimes people suspect that their computer is infected, but can’t quite determine for sure. Other times they are using an older or inferior antispyware/antivirus program that has trouble detecting the latest threats. Well here are three surefire computer virus warning signs that your computer is infected.

1. You are getting pop up alerts warning that you have spyware or viruses on your system. These pop ups will have danger signs and explicit warnings while providing a link to download their software. This could be a number of different warnings such as:

o Warning spyware detected on your computer!

o Windows has detected spyware infection

o Warning spyware threat has been detected on your PC!

o You have a security problem!

Don’t take the bait. They are rogue antispyware programs promoting false virus warnings. Proceed with caution.

2. Your desktop settings or browser home page have changed without your permission. The very deadly and newer forms of spyware and viruses will infect your registry files and alter your settings. Then they will prevent you from changing them back. One example is the desktop virus warning. This requires an antivirus program that can scan the registry, otherwise you are fighting an impossible battle.

3. Your computer is operating much more slowly than before. Spyware and viruses will seek to slow down your system as a means of getting you to download their rogue software. Once you download the software they will get your personal information (if they haven’t gotten it already) and infect your system further.

If you see notice any of these three computer virus warnings signs then I would say there is a very good chance your computer is infected. But to be certain you should scan your computer with the best antivirus program on the net. With deep registry scanning and the largest “threat database” out there, this program will find just about everything. Try it out below.

Source by Jim Marshall

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 07 Oct