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Cyber Attacks on US Government Computers Will Not Hurt the US

Cyber Attacks on US Government Computers Will Not Hurt the US

Evil Doer Bad Guys or state sponsored hackers are hacking into US government computer systems, and it appears they are doing it to hurt our nation. Actually, such attacks on our bureaucracy keep the government busy on IT issues rather than increasing bureaucracy or enforcing the massive onslaught of over-regulation.

When the government slows in its attacks on free-markets, it actually helps the US economy providing increased economic activity, thus, the increase of economies of scale means more tax revenues, jobs, and a stronger nation. So, if the cyber attackers assume they are hurting the US, they may actually be helping us from hurting ourselves.

There is a big joke in the small business community; “Remember when the government shut down for a week since they could not figure out their budget; yah, and nobody noticed!” So far it appears that the Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission, the White House website, the FDA, and other government agency websites have been hacked.

If this is some sort of game from enemies abroad to take down our government or prevent America from being the superpower that it is and the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind; I’d like to warn them that it will not work. In fact, the attacks on our nation’s computer systems do nothing more than bolster the commitment and strength of our nationalistic pride.

Further, slowing down our government will only help our economy and make us stronger. Anyone that would try a cyber attack on the US government computers really does not understand very much about how the United States of America works or why it is the number one nation in the world. But, it is interesting to watch them try to tear us down. Please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 11 Aug
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