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Free Internet Security – Expert Firewall Options For Any Computer

Free Internet Security – Expert Firewall Options For Any Computer

Ten years ago I would have advised against using any form of free Internet security. But today’s no-cost products that are available to help keep computers secure have come a long way. In fact, for the average home or small office computer user, free Internet security is all that is needed.

Firewall Protection Some of the best firewall programs come with absolutely no price tag and offer unlimited updates. Free Internet security should always include the installation of a trusted firewall.

While some of the bigger, more popular names in the business offer a free 30-day trial period before you buy, we suggest that you browse software choices that are 100% free. Here are a few programs to check out:

ZoneAlarm ZoneAlarm is one of the highest quality firewalls I have used. The company offers several products including ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (priced at $49.95), ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall/Anti-Spyware (priced at $39.95), ZoneAlarm Antivirus/Firewall (priced at $29.95), ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware/Firewall (priced at $19.95), ZoneAlarm Forcefield (priced at $29.95), and of course the free basic firewall (no cost) which will suit your needs.

Comodo Next on the list of free Internet security firewalls is Comodo Firewall Pro. The latest version (3.0) has been tested completely and is ready for download. With Comodo Firewall Pro you get total protection from Identity theft, hackers, Trojans, Spyware, and malware. In fact, the malware scan feature will actually check your PC for problems before you even install the program.

There are never any license fees or monthly charges with Comodo. System requirements are: 50 Mb free disk space, 64 Mb of Ram, and either Windows XP or Vista (32 and 64 bit versions for both)

Ashampoo Perhaps not as popular as Comodo and ZoneAlarm, but effective at providing free Internet security, is Ashampoo firewall. This free product is a snap to set up on any computer. The program has a configuration assistant that will take you step-by-step through the process. It uses minimal resources and will not take up much of your computer’s memory. Ashampoo’s website prides itself on the new version 1.2 in that it offers “small and efficient instead of big and confusing”.

Because many free firewall programs take some tech know-how to properly configure, Ashampoo decided to create protection that anyone can set up and effectively protect their data, even a child. It comes with a self-explanatory user interface, manual activation of key features only when you need them, and additional network security tools that are absolutely free.

A breakdown of Ashampoo’s free Internet security firewall includes: Top of the line firewall protection, the all-in-one easy mode of operation, expert mode of operation for the advanced user, compact user interface, create your own rules, and an emergency “block all” panic button whenever you feel your computer is under full attack.

Source by Hugh Duddy

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 18 Aug
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