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Hack Proof Computers – How to Detect If You’ve Been Hacked

Hack Proof Computers – How to Detect If You’ve Been Hacked

Computer hacking, just like any other crime, is a serious issue. This illegal activity can lead to loss of crucial business information like client data and significant trade databases. These important data can be either lost or manipulated or copied by computer hackers and thus be used for their own personal profit. Even email addresses can pose significant threats to its users when these are exposed to hackers because these can be used to spam the victims’ inbox and hinder their privacy.

Computer hacking is now being conducted side by side with identity theft. These two crimes have joined forces to claim more victims and gain more profit. Being two dangerous forces, they form a very huge threat against the privacy of individuals and businesses alike. Both can have grave consequences like loss of identity, misuse of funds, and even committing crimes without obligation. With the prevalence of both computer hacking and identity theft, one can say that the entire World Wide Web is not a very safe place anymore, no matter how virtual it can be.

There are various information that can be accessed by computer hackers that can pose critical threats to national security like confidential government data and other information that is related to national defense, and other societal issues like crimes. When these information are hacked, they can severe the entire nation and increase the risk of even the government, as a victim of identity theft crimes.

Which computer is prone to computer hacking? Every computer that is connected to the entire system of the World Wide Web is. As long as you have a cable going from your computer to your modem and your modem allows you to go online, there will always be chances that you will be a victim of identity theft crimes. When your computer is hacked, it can be transformed into a “zombie” computer. This simply means that your computer is being run by another individual (the computer hacker), thus even commands from its owner (you) will be ignored. This is very dangerous because in this situation, your personal data can be accessed and save on the hacker’s computer.

Here are some signs which can indicate that your computer has been hacked:

1. Decline in computer performance. You will notice that the amount of space that your files occupy in your computer is either doubles or has made a significant increase although you have not made any downloads or transfer of huge files.

2. Unexplained modification of files. Your files are suddenly modified and when you checked the date when it was modified via properties, it shows a date that you can’t remember that you did modify the file

3. Changes in network settings. Of course, computer will try to play with the settings of your network since they will try to gain access to other computers that might be connected to you.

The best way is still the most basic way to protect yourself against these computer hackers and minimize your risk of being victims of identity theft.

Source by Tina L Douglas

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 17 Aug
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