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How to Completely Uninstall Trend Micro Internet Security From Your Computer?

How to Completely Uninstall Trend Micro Internet Security From Your Computer?

Are you going to find a way to completely uninstall Trend Micro Internet Security and switch to another antivirus? Yesterday, one of my friends took her laptop and asked me to help her to completely uninstall this Internet Security. It only took me five minutes to fully uninstall the program for her. Here I would like to share this uninstall tutorial and hope it will help you too.

How to Uninstall Trend Micro Internet Security through Control Panel Add/ Remove Programs

  • Exit Internet Security by right clicking its icon on the Task Bar or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open Task Manager to end its process.
  • Click Start Menu>Control Panel>Add/ Remove Programs>navigate the program
  • Click Remove to uninstall it
  • Restart your computer

But I noticed that there were still two Trend Micro folders in C:Program Files when I went to check whether the program was completely uninstalled or not. Therefore, I had to force uninstall Trend Micro with the help of the best uninstall program-Perfect Uninstaller and easily and successfully uninstalled it within 5 minutes!

How to Force Uninstall with Perfect Uninstaller

In what situation can we use Force Uninstall with Perfect Uninstaller?

1-Control Panel can’t completely uninstall the program and its components and we can obviously see its folders left.

2-The program pops up error message during uninstall process and refuses to uninstall.

It’s not recommended that we manually edit registry and remove its registry entries and other components since we don’t know what entries or files belong to Trend Micro. If we delete something important, our computer will stop working or even crash.

Source by Tom L Smith

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 17 Aug
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