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How to Interpret Consumer Reports on Home Security Systems

How to Interpret Consumer Reports on Home Security Systems

If you are still in the process of getting a home security system that is right for your home and family, you’ve probably come across a great deal of material, both in print and online. Naturally, home security is one of the most talked-about issues today, as it affects every person on earth in one form or another. When looking at the consumer reports concerning the security industry, here are five big things to remember.

1. Does the technology consistently get high marks? Whether a home alarm system is tied to a company or not, the reviews about the alarm itself can tell you a lot. Do reviews mention a number of false alarms? False alarms are a hallmark of weaker alarm systems and can signal an inferior product. Consistently solid marks on technology can point you to a quality model, with or without professional monitoring.

2. Get a glimpse into the customer service policies. How did an alarm manufacturer respond to consumer complaints? In the case of a large home security company, did the alarm system’s issues get handled quickly by service technicians? If you see the phrase “difficult customer service operators” repeatedly, the company has probably become too big for its own good and started to cut corners in the service wing. Do you want your safety in “difficult” hands?

3. You’ve heard about the advantages of wireless home alarms, now get the appraisal firsthand. Do the technological advances claimed by wireless alarm manufacturers hold up when reviewed by the users themselves? Many shoppers look to consumer reviews when deciding between wireless systems and their hard wired forebears, so you’ll find that consumers often come online to give their take on the matter. See if your concerns about each system are a reality in practice.

4. Gauge the quality of life associated with each alarm system. Is one system remarkable for its ease of use? Did a family emergency get handled promptly by a security provider? Is the added expense of carbon monoxide monitors and heat sensors warranted? One of the big issues with any security apparatus is the effect it has on everyday life. Do the lives of reviewers seem to be disrupted by an alarm and its use? Here is a good way to find out if the many add-ons will be worth it when choosing a certain model of alarm.

5. Weigh the good reviews with the bad. As we know from reading online reviews, someone with a bone to pick can nearly monopolize a page of customer reviews. Remember that a couple of bad reviews might be meaningless if coupled with a large number of positive takes on a product. However, if you see the same flaw being pointed out repeatedly, it’s probably for real.

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