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Identification of DDoS Attacks, Symptoms and Possible Solutions to Prevent Them

Identification of DDoS Attacks, Symptoms and Possible Solutions to Prevent Them

A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) occurs when many systems flood the bandwidth of a system. Web servers that host elite websites and mail servers are the most common victims of this kind of attack. These attacks obstruct users from accessing the victim website. The customer who tries to access a website under attack is likely to face a website that apparently seems forever to load.

This can severely deteriorate the image of the company whose web site is under attack. It can turn away potential customers and is likely to create a negative word of mouth. This can seriously damage company revenue and result in loss of valuable customers. To overcome the malicious effects of these attacks, security professionals have come up with an anti-DDoS solution to protect the online environment and eventually protect businesses.

What exactly is this Attack?

This attack targets few websites at the same time and injects huge numbers of commands on the target servers where the website resides. The sudden rush of commands at the same time obstructs the computer from performing normally and breaks the communication between the user and the website (victim of the attack). Every time an attack is attempted, each system on the network receives the effects of the attack.

What are the Symptoms of This Attack?

Various symptoms can help you identify the attack. Some of them are as follows:

1. One sign of this attack is the slow performance of your computer and network. This implies that whenever you try to open up a file or website, it take longer than usual.

2. In addition, at times, this attack makes it difficult for you to access certain websites, and sometimes prevents you from accessing them at all.

3. Another possible sign for this attack is an increased amount of spam emails.

4. These attacks can also slowdown the entire network in a certain geographical area.

What are the Solutions?

Several anti-DDoS solutions are available to protect your network from these attacks. Some are as follows:

1. Intrusion Prevention System is a great tool to stop these attacks if they have a particular sign attached to them. The IPS can locate and deny the attacks automatically.

2. Rate based intrusion prevention system regulates and monitors the traffic on the network and website. It identifies the attack and blocks it. It filters the attack content and only allows actual useful traffic to pass through.

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