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Is Malware Slowing Down Your Computer? – You Can Get Rid of Malware Quickly

Is Malware Slowing Down Your Computer? – You Can Get Rid of Malware Quickly

What is malware?

I am sure you have heard the term several time before, no matter if it was just in general computer conversation or maybe even seen it online. But what exactly is malware and what can it do to your computer?

Malware is generally quietly downloaded and installed on your computer that can cause harm to your computer. This may be spyware, adware a trojan or a virus and malware may be slowing down your computer.

Because a growing number of people spend more time on their computer at home and at work, more and more computers are infected with different types of malware without their users even knowing what is going on.

Most commonly you will only notice symptoms such as poor computer performance and reaction times. This is because without you even know it malware is hiding in the background using up your precious system resources for its own use. Because the symptom are so similar to other computer problems as well as it not always happening many people go on for a long time without even realizing they have malware on their computers and this is a dangerous position to be in and malware could be slowing down your computer.

How can I detect malware?

Now, most times people are happy to simply have just one type of computer anti-virus or anti-spyware program on their computer in a effort to keep their systems clean and free from these nasty programs. But with malware, it’s a little different. What this means is while you may be protected by one form of these programs, another form can slip through the cracks. Not to mention the fact that just like operating systems and internet browsers, these programs each have their own flaws that are missed during coding.

Eventually they get caught but by then the damage may have been done, but till they do that flaw in your armor on your computer can be just big enough for specialized malware designed to take advantage of this flaw to sneak its way onto your computer.

This is why it is so important for you to scan your computer properly and regularly to keep your computer safe. It’s also important that you scan your computer as soon as possible. Because otherwise before you know it the thing you will have to worry about the least will be the decrease in system performance and malware will slow down your computer.

If you notice a sudden drop in computer performance or a any strange behaviour you need to scan your computer.

How do I get rid of malware?

Antivirus software will only detect and remove viruses and these only account for a small number of problems. There is a also malware that will not be detected this way. The solution here is to find and download a system tool that will scan your computer and windows registry for trojans, adware and spyware.

As malware becomes more sophisticated and slows down your computer you need to be smart as well and take further steps to protect your identity and financial information while online. Antivirus software by itself is no longer enough and some malware will even disable your antivirus. Running a full system health check with good software several times a week is now required to protect your computer.

Source by Brad Armstrong

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 15 Aug