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Is Super Anti Spyware a Scam?

Super Anti Spyware is a software product that claims to remove unwanted spyware from your computer. But in a field that is already overcrowded, and has more than its far share of crooks, is Super Anti Spyware to be trusted?

Spyware is an increasing threat to any computer that is using the Internet. These malicious programs have the ability to steal personal information from your computer such as credit card details and bank account details. They could be instrumental in conmen committing identity theft.

With the increase in production of spyware programs there has been a parallel increase in the writing of anti-spyware programs. Indeed there is now a thriving industry in this area. Unfortunately this market has attracted unscrupulous people who have obviously sensed the great demand (and also the chance to make a bit of cash).

This means that some anti spyware software is not always what it seems. Here is a typical scenario used by scamsters. You are quietly surfing the Net and a screen pops up that ‘looks like’ it is from your computer. It gives you a message saying that your computer is infected with spyware and that you need to press a button to run a system scan or obtain a free product to remove it. This is all bogus. If you hit that button you maybe enticed into buying a product that is essentially worthless as a protection product. Or worse still, you may actually be downloading a spyware product onto your PC.

So when a company like Super Anti Spyware comes along saying they have a free product that can be downloaded, some people are understandably suspicious. So the questions are: Is this product safe and does it do what as it claims?

The product has been available for a time now and has been used by a number of people. User feedback has been that it is safe to use and isn’t a scam. It is available in a free version to individuals for non-commercial use. This gives you the ability to scan your system for spyware and remove them. It is recommended that you perform a scan at least once every week.

There is also an option to have real-time scanning. This is where the program is left running in the background, and as soon as a threat is detected it is flagged up for you to remove. In theory this should prevent your system from ever being infected with spyware. This feature is only available in the professional version for which there is a charge.

As well as detecting spy-ware the software will also detect Trojans, adware and cookies. Some tracking cookies can be malicious but most are often benign and are used by some of your favorite websites to track your visits. Super Anti Spyware gives you the option of deleting these tracking cookies if you want to.

Source by Paul Elms

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 20 Aug
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