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Isn’t Technology Grand

Isn’t Technology Grand

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics or cyberforensics is a relatively new discipline in the world of computer security. It is a type of investigation, wherein the cyber experts gather digital evidence and present it in the court.

The aim of computer forensics is to carry out a structured and detailed investigation without disturbing the documented links of evidence. It helps recognize what happened on the computer at the point & time including who was accountable.

Computer forensics investigators follow the systematic procedures to seize the culprit. The procedure involves three phases for retrieving the proof from the computer system or any storage medium. These phases include acquiring phase, analyzing phase and reporting phase.

Description Of Phases

First, the computer forensic experts isolate the system so that evidence is not contaminated. Then they create a digital replica of the system’s hard drive. After, making the replica of the hard drive, the experts lock it and store it safely in the secure storage to maintain its accuracy.

Thus, evidence collection is of utmost importance because it helps in apprehending the culprit.

The analyzing phase comprises of using different techniques and forensic applications to investigate or study the hard copy. They search for any hidden files, folders, unallocated spaces in disks, deleted messages, damaged and encrypted files.

In reporting phase, the computer forensic experts verify the findings, details with the original copy and document it in the finding report. Computer forensics experts then present this report in the court for actual litigation.


Although, federal agencies use computer forensics to keep track and seize the terrorists or hackers, its use in the private organizations have also increased tremendously. Individuals seek help of computer forensics in case of identity thefts, to prevent hacking of crucial information from security systems and so on.

Computer forensics experts carry their investigation by trailing the computer criminals. However, locating such criminals is not an easy task. With advancement in technology, online criminals have become more sophisticated and advanced. Therefore, computer forensics experts are constantly creating and upgrading their software to tackle and alleviate the computer crimes. Last thing to keep in mind is if it has been built it can be broken. Ah technology isn’t it grand!

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Posted by brainiac / Posted on 17 Aug
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