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Netwar and Information Warfare

Netwar and Information Warfare

Do you know those computers that manage power grids, stock exchanges, telecommunications and air traffic? Well, there are individuals out there that are trying wreck havoc and disrupt those computers. This is known as netwar and it is all too popular in today’s Internet world. Have you ever heard the terms “the Internet is under attack?” We bet you didn’t think much of it at the time, but this is what they mean.

This term is often times dealing with attacks that are done against the nation. However, it can also be used in order to refer to those attacks that have been done against organizations as well as the general public. As an example, do you know those devastating viruses that have been sweeping their way across the Internet and destroying the computers they come in contact with? Well, those viruses can also be considered as information warfare. Does that make sense to you?

There are many books out there that you can read that contain information on this subject. One of the books is called “Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway” and has been written by Winn Schwartau during the year 1994. Since then, obviously, as technology is on the rise, so are those harmful viruses.

Cyber Warriors are there to help you out. What exactly is a Cyber Warrior? Well, you see, a Cyber Warrior is an individual that has skilled at doing Cyber Warfare.

Governments, law enforcement, the private sector and militaries throughout the world have been trying to train individuals in the field of netwar. The skills that a cyber warrior needs will vary. However, the key skills a cyber warrior needs to have involve hacking, computer forensics, espionage and information security.

The terrain include every aspect of the Internet from the Internet Service Providers to the backbones of the web.

You also have the different types of network equipment and data communication mediums. The terrain definitely does not end at a coastline, mountain range or field. Instead, it encompasses communities, cities and the entire world that we live in.

The battlefield of the 21st century is comprised of a number of different components that not only include the Internet, but it includes anything else that connects from a computer and hooks to the Internet. For example, this would include data communication media, enterprise information, web servers, network equipment and all computers that are in homes and businesses. It also encompasses information systems such as telecommunication systems, electrical grids and a even military robotics systems. There are many out there trying to get Netwar under control and that is through anti virus programs and other protection methods for your computer.

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Posted by brainiac / Posted on 11 Aug
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