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No More Spam Please, I’m Full

No More Spam Please, I’m Full

You have this consistently refilling folder in your email account entitled “Spam”; but you never touch it. Perhaps you’ve clicked on it once or twice, maybe even regularly to make sure nothing of importance accidentally ended up there. But that’s virtually the extent of your involvement with the mysterious folder. The best way to fight the battle against spam infiltration is to invest in secure email hosting with a reputable system administration solution.

From the Spam folder and Junk E-Mail folder to the Trash folder, incoming messages can get lost in translation and not replied to in a timely manner. Business web hosting services with a customizable and user-friendly email platform will allow helpful options to direct certain senders to the best folders for your team.

Mr. Robot-o or Mr. Spambot-o

Who flags these incoming emails as unwanted spam? How do they know it is spam? Filters just do! Spam filters are programs created to decipher and redirect incoming emails considered as unwelcome or potentially dangerous from reaching your inbox. These automated digital programs that attack websites, in this case email providers, to monitor the circulation of dangerous content, links and annoying spam are known as Spiders or Bots. There are different “spiders”, “bots” and algorithms for the various online activities but sites are rarely 100% exactly how we hope for them to be.

Sometimes it is frustrating to have to go hunting for misdirected incoming emails but at least your inboxes are:

– Secure

– Protected

– Organized

– Safer

Taking the Control Back

If too many important emails are getting redirected and causing a workflow problem, or are simply frustrating, invest in email options for business. Tailor your email choice to your organization’s needs and size. Using an email platform that all of your employees can operate with ease is a handy connection tool that allows for even more security while sharing documents, files and correspondence internally.

Spam protection means privacy and ad-free emailing. Fraudulent activity is at an all-time high and spammers and scammers alike are on the hunt with their own agendas.

Email Host with the Most

Spammers will even use bots to find your email address and sell your information to the highest advertising bidder! It is so important to connect with a solid systems provider that offers email hosting. The perks include:

1. Security – The exclusivity and privacy of email hosting services keep your information protected (both ingoing and outgoing) and shielded from the potentially dangerous elements of the digital world.

2. Professionalism – Using one of the common and free email hosts for business is viewed as lacking the credibility of being an established business entity consumers can entrust their information to.

3. Organization – The categorization and structuring of your email account provides increased productivity and reduces the overlooking of pertinent correspondence.

You don’t have to put up with spam, viruses, and other hazardous messages cluttering, or worse hacking, your inbox. Invest in email hosting for your business today!

Source by Anish Kumar Sinha

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 14 Dec