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Panic Attacks – How Do Beta Blockers For Panic Attacks Work?

Panic Attacks – How Do Beta Blockers For Panic Attacks Work?

Beta blockers for panic attacks can be used to help relieve some, if not all, of the physical symptoms. If you know that you are going to have a panic attack because you are going into a meeting and you need to give a presentation, then you know that this is a trigger. Understanding your triggers is important to being able to manage your panic attacks.

You know that you have a trigger with going into the meeting. So, if you take a beta blocker before the meeting, then you can control the anxiety before it gets out of hand. Beta blockers for panic attacks will not work as well if you do not recognize your triggers. If you don’t understand what is going on in your body, how can you expect to control your attacks?

Understanding how you react to situations is important for trying to control your disorder with beta blockers for panic attacks. Recognizing the symptoms of anxiety is the key. The symptoms to look for are: shortness of breath, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, shaking, nausea, pain in the chest, pain in the back and the feeling of disorientation. These are not all of the symptoms. You can have one or multiple symptoms.

Beta blockers for panic attacks work because they help block these physical symptoms. The symptoms can either go away completely or enough to where you can handle the situation at hand. If you panic going into the meeting, then you are going to want to avoid having to go into the meeting. Same as if you have a panic attack while driving, then you will want to avoid driving. This makes being able to fully live your life nearly impossible. Don’t you want to take your life back?

Would you like to be able to walk into the meeting with the confidence that you are not going to have shortness of breath or nausea? With taking beta blockers for panic attacks, you can take the beta blocker at a set time before the meeting. By the time the meeting comes around, your body is in a more relaxed state. You are ready to walk in that room with confidence.

Even though you can gain confidence with the physical symptoms being relieved, it is better to do more than just taking the beta blockers. Other therapies should be used in conjunction with the beta blockers. This may be therapy sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist. You may also join a peer group online or in person. The added measures will help boost your confidence even more.

Remember, part of what you need to fight is your fear. Fear is your number one enemy. Winning the battle of what you believe will happen will make it that much easier for you to be able to control the physical symptoms. The what if’s can escalate out of control very quickly. You can start with one what if and then panic and start with another what if. The next thing you know; you are buried in what ifs. The beta blocker and therapy will help you control this vicious cycle.

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