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Prophetic Word For America

Prophetic Word For America

I have seen more instant face to face miracles, signs and wonders than I can remember. The Lord has never released me until now, to speak of these things.

I have been in ministry for 13 years. I spent 5 years in a Bill Hamon Christian International church and another 5 years with Christian and Robin Harfouche before starting my ministry which has taken me to 38 states 4 countries and an appearance on Its Supernatural which documented how I went from being a homeless foster child to an international sign, wonder and miracle ministry. I am experienced, seasoned, 42 and live in Pensacola, Florida.

After the Lord gave me a taste of ministry. He told me to take a sabbatical and after 3 years of just learning, growing and being hidden away with Him I am coming out of the caves. This is the first time I have written and prophesied in 3 years.

I believe the Lord has called me much like Jeremiah and like David and he desires to see a “fresh voice” arise with a fresh word and a fresh anointing.

The Lord is beginning to speak to me about different cities, states, nations and ministries which I will post on my website.

Prophets and Intercessors

This is the time for the watchmen ministries to arise and to scale the walls and get back into position for many have been distracted from the mission as prayer warriors, watchmen and intercessors. Many have grown weary in well doing but the Lord will give you joy which is your strength to continue. I heard the scripture – ” for the Kingdom of God suffers violence but the violent take it by force.”

Below is a Word God shared with me for America. I am sure this will be on-going but I can only share what He says then I stop and wait and listen.

Word for America – March 05,2010

I saw a Civil War not based on race but based on the word CIVIL. I saw Health care reform bringing such division in Washington that many will quit, many will plot against the other side and it’s leaders.

Many will be ” forced out “. God’s will, wisdom and reason will give way to men’s agenda and experiments with regard to a more socialized form of government. I saw a new party arise out this that was more Kingdom minded and more of a Theocracy.

The scripture – ” a house divided cannot stand came to my mind.” The White House shall be divided in the nation’s capitol, a spiritual civil war will occur, brother against brother. It will play out in the natural through bitterness, resentment, hate, malice and murder, resignations and utter disdain and failure of the bi-partisan system. A more dictatorial form of government will arise to push through the socialist agenda.

Assassination attempts will be plotted but will not succeed but the nation will be awakened to the severity of the situation much like 911. More attacks on government buildings will occur only this time it’s personal, certain people are in the enemies cross hairs and he will use strife and discord, bitterness and resentment to execute revenge.

Bi-partisan promises will give way to “my way or the highway ” decision. I saw that Health care reform would be the catalyst for a socio-economic socialist experiment that was mapped out years ago part of a college experiment. This will halt progress resulting in a revolt. I see stalemates, gridlock, filibuster and Presidential vetoes ruling the day. The word Theocracy will take on a greater meaning. For those who know their God shall do exploits. I heard the Lord say ” for these are the days of Elijah”.

The China Computer Virus – the dragon

I saw a pirate flag being hoisted on American soul, it was black with white skull and crossbones. I heard a voice saying “China” the pirates seek to sabotage through subterfuge. I saw China as pirates trying to replace the American flag with the Pirate flag. I saw so many cyber attacks taking place to rob, steal and destroy. Trying to make American unstable in all her ways and to make the financial market unstable. I saw a malicious plot to overthrow our government through corporate espionage and through economic piracy of our networks, computers, databases and systems. I saw options markets being manipulated. God said it’s no longer the middle east, it’s China. I saw a vision of a computer virus named ” china ” instead of a worm this was a dragon. It had already infiltrated our computer networks in government and in finance. Soon we will hear about this in the news. I saw China form an alliance with Iran and attempt to with Russia – this would be the beginning of a World War against America but Russia will have too much to lose to align with them and it won’t happen. Nuclear arms and weapons will continue to be smuggled in from china to Iran.

I saw ” Weather Warfare ” taking place, hundreds of high powered radio towers beaming a concentrated high powered beam of radio waves over certain cities to create ” natural disasters. ” This is already happening.

I see states forming alliances with one another like 6 state groupings to share resources. California will be the first to initiate a muti-state regional initiative. Borders will become much more friendly from state to state. California is the first fruits of what happens to the nation in the natural. I just see co-ops, shared resources etc… this will follow in other regions in the country. Some states will try to succeed from America, especially in the Northeast. More on that when I post words about various states and regions in the USA.

I just keep seeing two things 1). silver and 2.) the Kingdom. I sensed they wee connected and some scripture about the Kingdom of God is like a woman who has lost a piece of silver and searches for it comes to me but not sure the interpretation yet.

This is all I can share at this time…

Source by Micheal Pipes

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