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Protecting Your Online Security – Spyware

Protecting Your Online Security – Spyware

One of the many security hazards you should look out for on the internet is Spyware. Spyware is computer software that is secretly installed on your computer system. This process is done under the user’s nose, thus without his/her authority. The reason why Spyware is considered harmful is because when installed it takes over partial control of the user’s interaction with the computer. Once installed it is able to collects various personal information stored including what websites were visited.

It can also install additional software, access website without checking with the filters, or even divert advertising revenue to a third party. Spyware also messes with the computer’s settings, which may result in lowered connection speeds, changing browser settings, as well as deleting files downloaded from the internet. There are four ways to avoid spyware. Firstly, keep your windows software updated. It addresses security fixes Microsoft frequently updates preventing your computer from being vulnerable. Secondly use computer Firewall Protection. When enabled it monitors everything going in and out of your computer, thus being able to block bad data and malicious programs including spyware.

The third way is by being cautious while downloading content from the Internet. Among the programs that run a high risk of infecting Spyware are file sharing programs as well as any product that is free. These programs will pop-up windows and sometimes hijack your browser to take you to websites you never requested. Also when closing a window online, always click on the ‘X’ located on the upper-right side of the window instead of clicking on the ‘OK’ or ‘Agree’ option in the dialog box. They usually trick you into agreeing to download software you have never seen.

The last method is to install products designed to remove or block Spyware as well as to reduce the chances of getting infected by it. Most anti-virus software have anti-spyware function added to it. Others are mostly stand-alone products, like Ad Aware Pro. These programs find all hidden programs and disable them before they can operate. Once the spyware is removed your computer system will run faster and your personal information will be more confidential. It is advised you install anti-spyware software as soon as possible. Avoid installing free anti-spyware software because many spy-ware programs removed by free anti-spyware software reinstall themselves on the computer. Thus install anti-spyware software that are licensed, to keep your computer safe from these malicious programs.

Source by Ivan Cuxeva

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 12 Aug
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