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Remove Kaspersky Anti Virus – How to Uninstall Kaspersky Anti Virus Completely From Your Computer?

Remove Kaspersky Anti Virus – How to Uninstall Kaspersky Anti Virus Completely From Your Computer?

Yesterday my friend complained to me that he couldn’t install his new antivirus after he had removed Kaspersky AntiVirus from Windows 7 Control Panel. He got a message saying that Kaspersky AntiVirus is installed on the computer and it refused to install. But he couldn’t find and uninstall it in Control Panel any more. But before he decided to take his laptop to repair shop, I helped him completely uninstall kaspersky in 5 minutes!

Uninstall Kaspersky AntiVirus with Its Uninstall Feature

  1. Click Start menu and then Control Panel
  2. Navigate Kaspersky folder
  3. Click “Uninstall Kaspersky”
  4. Restart the computer

However, I could still find its folder at C:Program Files, which means Kaspersky wasn’t completely uninstalled. I didn’t know how to edit registry and I was afraid of bringing a big trouble to my friend, so I resorted to a smart uninstaller named Perfect Uninstaller.

Why Use Perfect Uninstaller?

  1. Forcibly uninstall any unwanted program that Control Panel can’t
  2. Backup & restore registry to prevent any damage to registry
  3. Easy-to-use user interface helps me easily uninstall programs
  4. Prompt customer service

Force Uninstall Kaspersky AntiVirus with Perfect Uninstaller

  1. Download and register Perfect Uninstaller
  2. Restart the computer and press F8 Key into Safe Mode
  3. Run Perfect Uninstaller
  4. Creat a registry backup
  5. Then Click “Force Uninstall” tab and select its folder path
  6. Perfect Uninstaller will do the rest of the job and completely uninstall Kaspersky

After a few minutes, all Kaspersky components were fully detected and removed. My friend and I didn’t need to take the risk to edit registry. And more funny is that my friend uninstalled other programs that were not completely removed before.

Source by Tom L Smith

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 05 Dec