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Tips to Prevent Http Flood Attack on the Dedicated Server

Tips to Prevent Http Flood Attack on the Dedicated Server

There has been an increased amount of attacks and threats. Hackers try and attack your server by using HTTP flood tactic. There exists one single way to avoid such attacks, this is known as “Tarpitting”. In this type of hacking attempt, the hacker usually tries and sends random HTTP request to a targeted server. This makes the server unstable, such attacks also cause the server to crash.

Usually it becomes difficult to handle HTTP flood attacks, the reason being the lack of way to identify legitimate packets from the ones which are sent by the hacker, hence it is difficult to tackle such situation. The servers TCP/IP stack isn’t the only target, the prime target of HTTP flood ddos attack is the web server too, that runs on it thus resulting in more serious attack which is not easy to handle and your server may crash down resulting in its inaccessibility.

Though we say that it is difficult to tackle such attacks, but it isn’t impossible. There exists a solution for handling such HTTP flood ddos attack.

There exists an advanced technique known as “Tarpitting” which is an efficient counter acting method to fight against such attacks. Incase you are using a Linux based server, you can enable Tarpitting using the below command:

iptables -A INPUT -s x. x. x. x -p tcp -j TARPIT.

Tarpitting automatically sets connections window size to few bytes once established successfully. According to TCP/IP protocol design, the connecting device will initially only send as much data to target as it takes to fill the window until the server responds. Just incase the connecting device does not receive responses, it will repeatedly start sending packets for longer period of time.

Here plays the actual role of ” tarpitting “, it won’t respond back to the packets, hence protecting your server from getting unwanted HTTP requests.

Inorder to avoid such attacks and threats, it is important to choose the Best Web Hosting services from a reputed hosting company. No matter if you have a small business web hosting package or a Dedicated server hosting account, if you are using the services of a reliable web hosting provider, their technical expertise can help you counter act such attacks with minimum waste of time resulting in the least loss to your server.

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Posted by brainiac / Posted on 14 Aug
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