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View Security Cameras on Your Android Operating System PDA Phone Over the Internet

View Security Cameras on Your Android Operating System PDA Phone Over the Internet

New powerful PDA phones with the Google Android operating system have been topping the charts of highest selling phones for the past few months. This new operating system has already cut its teeth in the market and is now sailing out to end-users from almost every cell phone provider. This new PDA phone operating system provides users with the ability to easily text, call, email and install apps to do virtually anything. However, many users who have home or business security camera systems, may find that they can no longer view their cameras like they could with other PDA phones in the past.

However, there are several types of systems that will allow Google Android users to view their cameras remotely over the internet right from their PDA phones. Of these systems, are Standalone DVRs and PC Based DVR Systems. Standalone DVRs like our DVR-2644S 4-Channel Standalone DVR operate a webserver on the DVR which allows for a basic remote viewing of up to 4 cameras at once from your phone and will refresh these snapshots up to 1 time per second, depending on internet connection speeds. This is a basic type of remote viewing, but is popular due to the fact that these systems are contained inside a VCR-sized box, and do not require a computer at the location where the DVR is installed.

The more popular style of home and business security camera system is the PC-Based system. These systems, like our Alnet systems DVR cards provide the ability to plug in an analog capture card into your PC, or allow for connection of IP cameras over the network while providing enhanced software like the CMS mobile application designed specifically for the Google Android operating system which will interface with this system. This type of application allows streaming video directly to your PDA phone to watch live video from your cameras right on your Android phone. While most PC-Based systems do not support the Google Android operating system yet, our professional grade Alnet PC-Based NVR (Network Video Recorder) software for IP security cameras and analog DVR cards for CCTV cameras have PDA clients designed and written specifically for the Android operating system.

Moving to a new PDA phone does not mean that you will not be able to view your IP cameras or CCTV home or business security cameras. Just make sure to choose a security camera software that has a client software designed for your specific PDA phone, or a Standalone DVR which uses a basic universal style web-based PDA remote viewing.

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Posted by brainiac / Posted on 18 Aug
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