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Website Keeps Popping Up – 5 Simple Steps How to Stop Malware in Safe and Easy Way

Website Keeps Popping Up – 5 Simple Steps How to Stop Malware in Safe and Easy Way

A common plague infecting most computers today is Malware. The conventional virus seems almost harmless in comparison to the damages being caused by this malicious program.

If you are wondering how to stop malware, you must know about the different forms of malware and ways to prevent infections in the first place.

Basically, malware aims to ruin your PC settings and operations while spying on your personal information without your consent. Some of the common types of malware include:

·         Adware

·         Virus

·         Worms

·         Ransom Ware

·         Trojan Horses.

·         Spyware

Before you get to the stage of determining how to stop malware, you should know how to ascertain whether your PC has malware infection or not. Usually, the symptoms of an infected computer are:

·         Significant reduction in speed of performance

·         Frequent hanging or pauses

·         Erratic and unstable behavior of Windows operating system

·         Display of random popups

The reasons for malware infection may be hidden in different sources such as emails, websites, peer to peer file sharing software, popup messages, instant messaging software and networks. 

Now that you know the causes and means of malware attacks, it’s time to figure out how to stop malware and cleanup your PC.

1.      One way to remove malware from your computer is by using good quality internet security software. Free antivirus software will not be as effective as it claims to be. Make sure that you update the software regularly and renew your subscription in time.

2.      Windows XP and vista have built-in firewall and you just need to switch it on to safeguard your Pc from malware infection. All the critical updates can be done via Windows Update.

3.      Once you have set up a good spyware removal tool and installed it, removing malware will be quite easy. Just follow the recommended steps and the software will automatically remove all malware.

4.      Don’t use illegal or immoral sites as these present a higher risk of malware infection to your PC. Many fraudsters and scam lurk at such sites in wait of innocent internet users who become easy victims of nasty virus attacks.

5.      If you want to follow the manual steps on how to stop malware, make sure that you are aware of all the technical aspects of your computer system. Other wise, you may just end up ruining your present settings and any chances of revival.

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