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World of Warcraft Addiction on the Hot Seat

World of Warcraft Addiction on the Hot Seat

World of Warcraft was made out of fascination for enchantments, power and mastery. Like any other online game previously released in the cyber world, addiction is not out in the hot seat.

Various reports were being posted on websites; reports of horrific effects WoW brought to the game addicts, reports of deaths associated to WoW addiction and still a lot more comments are being on the list as to how badly and deeply WoW affects the lives of the people, addicted or not.

It may seem less harmful, but as reality spread like wild fire, addiction to the game is closely related and is of equal value to a gambling, drinking or drug addiction problem. A better advice which concerns the player’s sense of responsibility rocks the sail.

As being mentioned and noted, one way of testing yourself for any addiction symptom is to asked a friend or someone who is not, in any chance, involved in the game. Let that person have a statement as to whether you are addicted or seem to have an issue based on his own perception. If you are too anxious that his statement would have a bad reflection on you, then most probably, you already know you are having problems but just can’t simply accept it. When denying is still a part of your vocabulary, then try reassessing yourself. Watch out for lost of interest in socialization, job, school, health or anything outside the game world that is once appealing to you.

While it is also a reality that treating this wide-spreading addiction is difficult, some countries particularly China was able to do something more purposeful than putting this mess in papers. An anti-online game system was put up to somehow put a pause to this matter. Cutting down benefits gained in a game after 3 hours of playing might as well force players to have a break.

Yet, the addiction still continues. A number of solutions might be at hand, but are proven to be of less success because the sole reason of addiction is not really being put into a stop. Seemingly true that this online game put players in the position of being in high spirit, enjoying every privilege of being what he is not in real life. More often than not, it brings people the thought of wanting to be what he thinks he is rather than on what he actually is. Should this continue, the cycle still goes on and no single anti-addiction game or good Samaritan assessment could put an end to this dilemma.

Source by Oscar Shupe

Posted by brainiac / Posted on 21 Aug
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